Bottle Ninja Bottle Opener

While most craft beer fans aren’t known for their stealth or lightning fast moves, we’re all warriors in our own respect. And as a warrior, we need the tools to do battle. For the ninja, that tool may be the samurai sword. For the craft beer drinker, that tool most certainly is the bottle opener. Combine the two, and you have the Bottle Ninja bottle opener.

The Bottle Ninja allows you to open bottles with extreme precision using the skill of your well-trained beer abilities. Made to resemble a ninja sword, the Bottle Ninja is a fun way to pop bottles and practice your trade. Hone your skills by opening bottle after bottle. Bring out the true warrior in yourself by leaving the bar covered in fallen soldiers. The Bottle Ninja is the tool with which you dispatch the bottle caps that get between you and the one you’re sworn to protect (the beer from the slow death of aging in your cellar).

Most craft beer drinkers love to have cool and unique bottle openers to collect and access their brew. The Bottle Ninja is a unique way to get into your bottle and feel badass doing so (or silly, whatever works for ya). Show off your ninja skills by grabbing a Bottle Ninja and show your sweet samurai moves today.

Bottle Ninja