Beer Patrol Badge Bottle Opener

Always on the job, craft beer lovers are always working, searching for their next great find, next great drink. Like a cop working the beat, beer fans work long hours and take pride in a job well done. And like the badge a cop wears, we too wear a badge of honor that goes with finding and imbibing in great beer. Now you can wear a real badge to show your beer pride and use it to get into your favorite bottle of brew too, with the Beer Patrol Badge bottle opener.

The Official Beer Patrol Badge

The Beer Patrol Badge is a high-quality bottle opener that shows the pride you carry in the search for great beer. Patrol your local liquor store or have a stakeout at home, knowing that you’ve got the right equipment to get into any beer bottle that comes your way.

Made of steel or brass, this badge not only looks great but it’s also built to last. It feels great in the hand and pries bottles open with ease.

The back of the Beer Patrol Badge includes a clip that can be used to hook it on your belt or pocket and also a magnet for mounting it on the fridge or beer bucket (be sure to remove the magnet if you plan to put credit cards or IDs in the money clip). There’s also a hole at the top for putting it on a necklace or chain should you want to wear it undercover.

Badge Of Honor

Being a veteran craft beer fan means having the experience and skill plus the right equipment. The Beer Patrol Badge not only shows that commitment to learning and honing those skills but also gives you the bottle opening equipment you need for any brew you encounter along the way.

In addition to the original Beer Patrol Badge, the folks at Barsity Sports are currently offering the Man Of Mayhem Beer Badge on Kickstarter. Head over to their website and check out both of these great beer badges today.

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