Beer Bomber Jackets

Who wants a 12oz bottle when you can have a 22oz bomber? When it comes to milliliters of our favorite liquid, who wouldn’t want more? But one of the problems with bombers is that they allow the precious brew to warm up while you imbibe (often too much). You could drink quicker, but that can be a bit difficult with a big barleywine or imperial stout. To keep your bombers cold while you drink, you need the Bomber Jacket.

The Bomber Jacket is a beer koozie for your 22oz bomber. Made from high-quality neoprene, it reduces the warming rate of your craft beer bottle by 50%. No more overly warm beer when you get to the bottom of the glass or too cold brew from putting it back in the fridge while you drink. The Bomber Jacket keeps your hand from getting cold too, should you choose to drink directly from the bomber.

Each Bomber Jacket is sublimation printed, meaning the awesome design covers the entire thing. A sweet patch is attached, and the zipper-pull is even a tiny Bomber Jacket logo. The entire thing has a premium feel.

You can get the Bomber Jacket in a number of different looks. Each is a limited edition and only around while they last. Currently, they offer The Lager, the Bourbon Barrel (both pictured), and the super sweet Hops design.

Keeping your 22oz bomber at optimal temperature can be a challenge. Between being too warm on the counter and tool cold in the fridge, keeping your beer at the right drinking temp has always been a bit of a battle. With the Bomber Jacket, your bottles can be kept snug and at a perfect temp at all times, while adding a great look to any bottle. They’re great for around the house, in the outdoors, or to package a gift of beer. Check out the beer Bomber Jackets and grab yourself one today. 

Bomber Jackets For Beer