Shower beers are one of the simple pleasures of life.  There’s something about the warm water in the shower that brings out flavors in a brew you’d never noticed before or makes them more intense (if you’ve never had a shower beer, you’re seriously missing out).  One of the only issues with enjoying your favorite craft brew in the shower is setting it down on the slippery tub while you wash your goods.  That was until now.

Enter the Shakoolie, the perfect holder for your shower beverage.  The maker of the Shakoolie was nice enough to send me one and it has made shower beers more enjoyable.  Simply affix the Launch Pad to your shower wall opposite the shower head and your beer will always be within reach while you wash off the smell of failure…. or that hangover from last night.  Want to use your Shakoolie other places in addition to the shower?  Simply order more Launch Pads and put them all over.  On your car window?  Sure.  Your cubicle wall?  Sure.

Having the Shakoolie in the shower is a constant reminder that you should be enjoying a shower beer and will lead to more shower beer experiences.  With Christmas coming I plan to order several for friends.  You should check them out and do so too.