B.O.B. Bottle Opener Cutting Board

Bottle openers everywhere.  And why not?  They’re awesome.  Those little beer gadgets get us into bottles of our favorite beverage!  Pop a top and you’re drink in’ good.  The problem is, while we have a ton of them, they never seem to be there when you need them.  You always find yourself searching for one and can never find one when you need it.  When you’re at the beach, when you’re on the boat, even in the kitchen.  They’re never there when you need them.  The B.O.B. (Bottle Opener Board) solves all that.

The B.O.B. bottle opener board combines the convenience of a cutting board and a beer bottle opener that’s always there when you need it.  Bottle openers hide in the nooks and crannies of your various kitchen drawers but cutting boards are always easy to find, and your bottle opener is too now that it’s built-in.  I can’t count the number of times that we’ve gone out on the boat and made sure we had plenty of beer, plenty of hard alcohol with for the drinks, and plenty of ice, only to find that we didn’t think about a bottle opener.  It always ends with someone pissing off the boat owner by opening their bottle on various parts of a nice new boat.  Not cool.  This cutting board makes sure that doesn’t happen.  Pop your bottle, then cut up a lime for your beer right on it.  Be prepared for once in your life.  Your mother would be proud.

The B.O.B. is available in not just the size shown here but also a smaller travel size and a large one for the kitchen.  A bottle opening board for every occasion.  Additionally, check out their package with 2 boards plus a stand for them that also doubles as an iPad stand.  Perfect for reading recipes in the kitchen, without getting your iPad dirty.  And if you really want the whole set, there’s also an option with 2 boards plug matching ceramic knives.  All the B.O.B.s are made of sustainable bamboo which is not just Earth friendly, it’s also anti-bacterial.  The finish of the boards looks great and bamboo is more than hard enough to stand up to years of cutting and chopping while the stainless steel opener will pop all the tops you can throw at it.

The B.O.B. takes two great gadgets and combines them into a great looking and highly functional package that anyone can use.  Chop and pop, the B.O.B. has you covered.  Grab yourself one of these awesome cutting board, bottle opener combos.  You’ll get a ton of use out of both.  Help get this great project funded by heading over to the B.O.B. (Bottle Opener Board) Cutting Board Kickstarter project here.

Bottle Opener Cutting Board