B Cups Plastic IPA Cups

Beer is best enjoyed in the proper glassware. In recent years, the glassware game has been taken up a notch and researchers at places like Spiegelau have begun creating special glasses meant to really enhance the experience of particular beers. While those special glasses are great, most of us would never want to take our expensive specialty glassware out of the house, where we may risk breaking it. For an experience enhancing glass that you can take anywhere, B Cups plastic IPA cups can go anywhere and bring the best enjoyment experience with.

B Cups plastic IPA cups are modeled after the Dogfish Head/Spiegelau IPA glassware, which was create to give you the very best IPA enjoyment experience.  Unlike the Spiegelau glassware, which is fairly fragile, B Cups are made of plastic so there’s little to worry about breaking. They’re great for going anywhere. Camping, tailgating, boating, hiking and more, these cups allow you to get the best of your favorite IPAs, without the worry of breaking a precious glass (or in spots where glass isn’t allowed). They’re BPA-free and can be easily rinsed and reused over and over again. B Cups come in sleeves of 4 so you’re ready for a tasting anywhere you’re headed.

Having the right glass for your brew helps to make your imbibing experience the best possible. B Cups mean you can enjoy that perfect experience anywhere you go to drink. Get yourself a set and stop worrying about breaking glassware on the go. Check out these B Cups on the Fermented Reality website now.

Plastic IPA Cups