Silipint Silicon Pint Glass

Beer may come in a bottle or a can but it’s best enjoyed out of a glass.  Pouring it in a glass and letting it breath lets the aroma out and lets you enjoy the color and aroma of your brew before you sip and enjoy it.  The only downside to glass is that it does break.  We’ve all broken a glass at some point in time.  Often it’s that favorite glass from a special trip to your favorite brewery.  Worry no more.

The Silipint is the world’s first silicone pint glass.  It’s unbreakable so no more worries about dropping it when you’ve had a couple too many beverages.  Being made of silicone has other advantages too in addition to being unbreakable.  It’s also keeps your beer nicely insulated from the warmth of your hand, unlike traditional glassware.  Being made from 100% food grade FDA approved silicone means there are aromas or flavors from the glass itself to ruin your beer enjoyment.  It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe.  In addition to pint glass sizes with a large number of designs, Silipint also offers custom printing on your pint plus shot glass sizes too.  Get them made with your own brewery logo, home bar name, or whatever else you choose.  Be sure to follow Silipint here on Twitter.  You can grab your very own Silipint silicone pint glass here on their website.

Squishing A Silipint Silicon Pint Glass