Food & Beer

Food and beer go together in so many wonderful ways. They each compliment the other and bring out the best in both. Alone they’re awesome, but together they’re exponentially greater. There’s a reason beer dinners are so popular (and delicious) and more and more restaurants have come to realize the great things that can be done by bring the two together. If you love this combo and love to cook, you have to check out the book Food & Beer.

Food & Beer is packed with more than 75 recipes from an internationally acclaimed chef and brewer duo. The recipes aren’t your typical bar food with beer added. They’re an awesome collection of ways to bring these two things together in a wonderful way and make creations that are far beyond your typical beer dinner and on the level of dedicated food and beer pairing spots like Brewer’s Table at Surly Brewing.

The recipes in Food & Beer, and dialog throughout, looks at the vision and philosophy of the brewer and chef as they helped push beer and food to the same level that wine and fine dining have enjoyed. There’s a focus on not just the ingredients and beer chosen to go with them, but flavor profiles of beer, how to match them perfectly to the flavors you’ll be cooking with, and presentation of the meal. With wonderful photos throughout, Food & Beer is sure to inspire you to head to the grocery store, the liquor store, and then home to cook a true masterpiece that combines food and brew.

If you want to go beyond the typical “take food and add beer to make it better”, this is a book you need to read. It’ll bring your understanding to another level and help you raise your gastronomic game to new heights. Head over to Amazon and order your copy of Food & Beer today.

Mussels, Smoked Bone Marrow