Death On Tap by Ellie Alexander

There are plenty of books on the topic of craft beer but they’re typically non-fiction. What happens when you mix craft beer with murder? Find out in Death On Tap, a murder mystery by author Ellie Alexander.

Death On Tap

I love to read non-fiction. Books that educate about the beer industry, the growth of craft beer, and the history of brewing are all favorites. But sometimes we all need to get away from reality and let our minds wander with a good piece of fiction. Death On Tap by Ellie Alexander puts craft beer front and center in a murder mystery.

This is the first fiction piece I’ve seen with craft beer baked in. Murder grips a small town in Washington where brewer Sloan Krause lives. Who did it? There are plenty of suspects, from her cheating husband, to her new boss who owns the new brewery in town.

The author integrates bits of beer throughout the book. Breweries the main character works in, brewing facts, challenges of running a brewery, and more. It certainly has more beer-culture integrated into it than other books which may mention such items, but not revolve around them to this point.

Adding a topic of interest (craft beer) made the story that must more attention grabbing for myself, even though murder mysteries typically aren’t my thing. It’s a cool way to widen the potential audience.

Beer Mystery

Death On Tap may not be your typical beer book, but it offers a familiar topic for craft beer fans mixed with a murder mystery for fiction fans. It combines these two in a way not seen before.

If you’re looking for something a bit less technical than the water pH and grain sugar profile manuals you’re use to, give this book a look. Grab a copy of Death On Tap by Ellie Alexander from Amazon today.