The Comic Book Story Of Beer

Growing up, almost every kid enjoyed comics. They have the power to tell wonderful stories in a very visual way, that can make you feel like you’re part of the story world. Sadly, as most of us grew older, we moved on from reading comics. They still have the ability to tell great stories. We just need a more adult-focused topic than the superheroes of past. The Comic Book Story Of Beer takes that wonderful way of telling a tale and brings the much more adult story of the history of beer to life, for a read grownups will love.The Comic Book Story Of Beer Page

The Comic Book Story Of Beer is a full history of everyones favorite beverage. It takes the reader through the invention and evolution of beer, from the ancient world to present-day craft beer boom. While many of us have read countless beer histories, this book includes lots of great stories and facts that I haven’t seen touched on in even the most detailed accounts. Each chapter covers a different period in our history, while also including side stories and notable events. Pieces of history are easy to consume with grabbing visuals, making this a great book to have out on the bar when guests come over.

The illustrations of The Comic Book Story Of Beer are awesome. They make the story very easy to take in and the style changes throughout the book constantly grab your attention. There are countless details to explore on every page and the richness of each illustration really brings the story to life and makes you feel a part of the history being told. Telling a story with both pictures and words brings about a far more immersive experience (the authors other books, The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation and The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation, also bring history to life through illustration). You’ll find yourself re-reading this story again and again to find the little details you missed before.

Hops In The Comic Book Guide To Beer

The first non-fiction graphic novel about beer, The Comic Book Story Of Beer shows the reader the vibrant growth of beer throughout the ages in a way you won’t find in other books. Illustrating history brings the story to life as words and visuals mingle on the page. By telling the story in a way others haven’t and providing details other histories of the drink fail to mention, this book of beer makes the storied history of brew interesting for those just learning about beer for the first time, and those that think they’ve read it all before. Grab yourself a copy and have a great read of our favorite beverage. Pickup a copy of The Comic Book History Of Beer from Amazon today.