The Brauler Growler

While glass growlers are the most inexpensive route and work well, you do have to be gentle with them to insure they don’t break.  I once had a growler of Bezerk Malt Liquor from Rock Bottom Minneapolis, brewed by now Surly Brewing head brewer Todd Haug, shatter all over the front cab of a loaner vehicle just as I was returning it.  Not a fun time.

This is where the Brauler comes in.  It’s a stainless steel growler that won’t chip or shatter.  Cool looking enough but that isn’t the coolest part.  The planned add-ons for this growler are what make it really cool.  A handle, a cap, and even a swing-top bail top.  But the coolest I think is the CO2 tap cap.  While it could be even better if the CO2 allowed you to add a little charge to keep a growler fresh after opening it and sampling some but now all of the craft beer inside, this top allows you to pour a foamy pint from the growler without having to wrestle with tipping a full growler.  Pretty sweet idea for carrying your suds.  Checkout the Brauler here.

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  1. I have a son that lives in Corvallis OR. He needs a beer growler as advertised in Wired. I see that it is only available in brewpubs which Oregon has aplenty. Can you give me information about ordering one of these Brauler Growlers for him for his birthday?

    Thank you

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  2. It is very depressing to see you having these made in China. This idea should be made by American workers and not selling out to increase a profit margin. I am sure they are going to have counterfeit copys on sale before you knkw it.

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    • For most consumers, they’d far rather pay less than buy something made in the US. For the companies selling the products, it’s not always just about cost. It can be a nightmare to find a manufacturer in the US while there are tons of options in China and elsewhere.

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      • I agree with Check. I am not alone in stating that I would rather buy this as a product made in the U.S. at substantial additional cost. Also, I’m not confident in the ability of Chinese manufacturers in general to generate or purchase high grade stainless steel even when mandated through purchase specifications. There are other American-made growlers out there, but unfortunately none are stainless which is preferable.

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  3. ditto. i love my beer and i would gladly pay more for a USA made growler – esp. as cool as this.

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  4. I agree. Good chance you are getting crap, contaminated steel if they are being made in china. Prefer products made in USA. Maybe I should call my patent lawyer cousin and see what I need to modify to the design to make a close copy…MADE IN USA! WHOOP!

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  5. I bought two of these Braulers. One locally and one online. I love them as they keep the beer colder longer, are lightweight, look great, great conversation pieces at the local tasting room and the best feature is they are about 68 OZ when filled to the top.

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    • Awesome. I love them too, though in Minnesota brewpubs can only fill growlers with their own logo on them. We do have a recently introduced bill out there that might go to vote this year which would allow them to fill any growler.

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