While glass growlers are the most inexpensive route and work well, you do have to be gentle with them to insure they don’t break.  I once had a growler of Bezerk Malt Liquor from Rock Bottom Minneapolis, brewed by now Surly Brewing head brewer Todd Haug, shatter all over the front cab of a loaner vehicle just as I was returning it.  Not a fun time.

This is where the Brauler comes in.  It’s a stainless steel growler that won’t chip or shatter.  Cool looking enough but that isn’t the coolest part.  The planned add-ons for this growler are what make it really cool.  A handle, a cap, and even a swing-top bail top.  But the coolest I think is the CO2 tap cap.  While it could be even better if the CO2 allowed you to add a little charge to keep a growler fresh after opening it and sampling some but now all of the craft beer inside, this top allows you to pour a foamy pint from the growler without having to wrestle with tipping a full growler.  Pretty sweet idea for carrying your suds.  Checkout the Brauler here.