A Super Simple Way To Help Your Favorite Brewery Right Now

Have a brewery you love? Want to help them get more business? In just a couple minutes, you can help them out in one simple way. Write them an online review. Here’s how do you can help your favorite brewery with a review and why it will mean a lot.

Help Your Favorite Brewery

The brewing business has grown quickly in past years. The craft beer market is more crowded than ever and that means it’s now more difficult for brewers to really stand out. But you can do something to really help brewers you love. A simple review is all it takes and you only need a minute.

We turn to Google for advice about everything these days, including the question of what beer to drink and which brewery to visit. By adding a review for your favorites, you can help them stand out.

Search engines like Google now put huge weight into business reviews. Those with lots of positive reviews will appear higher in search results, while those with few reviews (or negative reviews) won’t appear on the first page (or possibly at all).

As far as Google is concerned, reviews on Google itself and Facebook are the most important. You can write a review on either, but if you really want to help, one on each is best (just be sure that both are unique, rather than simply copying and pasting the same review to the other site).

Here’s how to write a great review.

Writing A Brewery Review

Writing a review is far simpler than you think. Simply search the brewery’s name on Google, then click the ‘Write a review’ button in the About Us section of the search results.

Google Write Review Button

On Facebook, navigate to the brewery page, click the ‘Reviews’ section at the left, and then write away (don’t forget to give them a sweet start rating).

So what do you write? Think about what you want to know before going to a brewery. Don’t just say they’ve got great beer (we know that, or you wouldn’t be recommending them), tell people what they’ve got to try. Share the reasons people should go to this brewery rather than the rest. What makes them unique? Is there something special they might miss if you didn’t share the inside info? Any tips that can help others have an awesome visit.

Sharing the reasons you love a brewery, and your own enthusiasm for them, comes through in your review and will help others to see why it’s such a great spot to stop. In addition, it’ll help Google and other search engines better understand how awesome this brewery is. This will result in the brewer being more prominently featured when people search for breweries to visit in a particular area (such as planning a vacation or a brewery crawl).

Better Brewery Rankings

It doesn’t take more than a couple minutes, but taking the time to write a review for your favorite brewery (or beer bar) really helps others find the best places to visit, in addition to giving them a boost in the Google search results.

Take a quick minute now to write a review of your favorite breweries (or any business). It doesn’t take much time, but it will mean a lot to them, in many ways.