Beer Kegs

Times are tough for all of us. COVID-19 has hit everyone like we couldn’t have imagined. There’s been a huge negative impact on the craft beer industry and we’re not sure how it’ll all shake out. Buying local beer is one way we can all help sustain the industry until relief arrives. Here’s how you can get a great craft beer deal and help out a brewery.

Get A Great Keg Price

We’re several weeks into this epidemic and beer only has a finite shelf-life. Many kegs are coming up on expiration (though most will drink just fine well after). That means distributors (and some self-distributing breweries) are looking to move kegs, or be forced to dump them.

With bars and restaurants closed, there are tons of kegs going untouched. In the same way we’ve seen pork prices plummet and chicken wings at a longtime low, beer distributors are willing to sell their keg stock for a significant discount. Many are giving discounts of as much as 75% in order to move kegs before they expire (beer doesn’t generally expire, think of it more as a best-by date).

Not only does this mean you can stock up of barrels of beer for below-market price, but you’re also helping breweries and distributors move product they’d end up eating (not in a good way) instead.

What kind of discounts are people getting? One local just grabbed a 1/5 barrel from a local brewery that normally retails for $94.99 for just $28. And there are even bigger discounts to be had.

How To Get Discounted Keg Action

It’s simple to get a great deal on a keg of craft beer. Just call your local liquor store and see what they can get for you. They can reach out to their distributors and see what kind of price they can arrange. Be willing to play ball and bargain to get yourself the best deal possible. Explain how it works out for everyone involved.

Don’t bother with big chains like Total Wine. Not only do they not support the local economy the way mom and pop shops do, but we’ve already heard that they’re generally unwilling to work with people and if they can get a discount, they’ll just keep it for themselves.

Great Beer At A Great Price

At a time when we’re trying to stretch our dollars further and spending more time home drinking, getting a discounted keg can be a great way to do both, and help you local brewery and distributor move product rather than dump it. They recoup some of the cost and you get a wonderful volume of beer to imbibe.

Call your local liquor store or brewery and see what kind of smoking deal you can get. If you need a kegerator to keep it all cool and pouring perfectly, there are some great kegerators available on Amazon right now with free shipping. Get one and pour yourself plenty of pints to get through. Good luck.