Will Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Be The Next Big Thing?

Hoppy, high ABV, barrel-aged, black IPAs, sours, NE-style, they’ve all had their time in the spotlight. A new trend is just starting and it’s far different than anything that’s come before. Non-alcoholic craft beer is about to make a name for itself.

Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

No alcohol you say? Why would anyone want that? The attraction of non-alcoholic craft beer shouldn’t be surprising. Who wouldn’t love the flavors we drink craft beer to enjoy, without the negative impacts alcohol can often make?

No hangovers, risk of DUI, or making fools of ourselves (you can do that without the help of alcohol). Imagine drinking all night and still being able to drive home or get up in the morning without a headache!

According to a recent industry research study, non-alcoholic beer has a great opportunity for sustainable growth between 2017 and 2025.

In the UK there are already a number of non-alcoholic breweries. FitBeer, Nirvana Brewery, and Big Drop Brewing all offer craft beer without the alcohol. There’s even a liquor store dedicated just to alcohol free beer, wine, & spirits, called The DryDrinker.

In the US, Bravus Brewing recently became the first craft brewery dedicated exclusively to non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beer. WellBeing Brewing launched shortly after, and is also brewing up non-alcoholic beer.

Booze-Free Beer Please

Will non-alcoholic craft beer grow to be the next big thing? We’ll have to see.

There are certainly advantages to booze-reduced brew and times when it may be a great option. If brewers can offer the same flavors we look for in our beers, without the alcohol, there’s a good chance they could catch on.

Check out the non-alcoholic craft beer if you see it available. It’s an interesting new option and like any new offering, you don’t know if you’ll like it until you try it. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the flavor was all you wanted from your beer, without the sometimes unwelcome after effects. Drink up.