Drinking For The Right Reasons

There are countless reasons to have a drink. But when was the last time you stopped to really think about why you sit down and slug one back? Are you drinking for the right reasons or the wrong?

Drinking For The Right Reasons

You crack a beer when you get home or go meet friends for happy hour. We may not think about it, but alcohol is a huge part of many of our lives. It’s the social lubricant or the drink we look forward to relaxing with when we get home after a long day of work.

But how often do you think about the exact reason you drink? Not “Because friend’s wanted to meet for happy hour.” or “To reward myself after a stressful day.”, but the underlying reason we choose to say ‘Yes’ and drink?

The real reason we choose to drink is likely a lot deeper than what we normally tell ourselves. While we might say it’s a reward at the end of a hard day, often that’s simply an excuse to try to solve our problems with alcohol. We may not be aware, but we’re teaching ourselves that alcohol is the solution when we’ve had a hard time.

Done infrequently, this act of rewarding ourselves with booze when we’ve had a stressful time isn’t hurtful. But with time, our minds learn that the solution to our problems is drinking. And that’s when we switch from drinking for the right reasons, to drinking for the wrong without even being aware.

From Good To Bad

Sadly, I’ve seen this happen with too many friends. Without realizing, alcohol becomes the way they manage their problems. What was once a beverage enjoyed in celebration, switches to a solution to problems.

Let’s be honest. We can always find a reason to drink. We had a hard day. We’re celebrating a success (no matter how small). We want to see friends. There’s a new beer release. The reasons are endless but the underlying reason is key.

Looking deeper than the stated reason for imbibing and instead identifying real reason is key to making sure we’re drinking for the right reasons. It’s also the only way to catch ourselves and re-evaluate our choices before they become a problem.

Stop And Think

There are SO MANY awesome reasons to enjoy a drink. You don’t have to give them up but be aware of the real reason you’re choosing to drink. Don’t let that reason become something other than good.

When you understand why you drink, you can make sure you’re drinking for the right reasons. And that’s a great reason to drink.