While most Americans don’t understand why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated any more than they understand the reason we don’t work on Labor Day, it doesn’t stop us from making it one of the drunkest holidays of the year. Cheap Mexican beer may be what most turn to, but for the craft beer fan there are far better options. Here are 7 craft beers to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style.

21st Amendment El Sully

Light straw colored, easy drinking with a crisp finish, El Sully from 21st Amendment is the perfect pairing for hot weather. It’s named after a pretty awesome guy too.

Indeed Brewing Mexican Honey

An imperialized lager made with Mexican orange blossom honey, Indeed Brewing Mexican Honey is filled with a citrus and floral fiesta. It’s refreshingly flavorful and drinks dangerously easily for the 8.0% ABV this brew packs. One of my favorite summer brews.

Ska Brewing Mexican LoggerSka Brewing Mexican Logger

Light and refreshing, this Mexican lager is great out in the hot sun. Ska Brewing Mexican Logger has a nice kick of Saaz hops to make warm weather drinking even more enjoyable.

Lakefront El Wisco Mexican Lager

Pouring a bright gold with a foamy head, Lakefront Brewery El Wisco has a nice peppery aroma and light honey taste. It may be brewed in often-cold Wisconsin but it’s great for when warm weather hits.

Great Lakes Grandes Lagos Lager

Great Lakes Grandes Largo is a golden brew with notes of hibiscus flowers intermingled with malt. They may be closer to Canada but this Mexican lager would be right at home south of the boarder too.

Oskar Blues Beerito

At an easy drinking 4% ABV, Oskar Blues Beerito is a mix of toasted bread with a touch of honey. This is a brew you can drink all day without going all Colima in the bathroom the following morning.

Full Sail Sesión Cerveza

Packaged in those cute little 11oz bottles, Full Sail Session Cerveza adds a Mexican lager to the Session lineup. It’s light, refreshing, and made for a hot day (plus it comes in 12-packs).

Cinco de Mayo Brews

The celebration of Cinco de Mayo no longer needs to mean forcing yourself to drink brews you’re not so big on (though if you love Corona or Modelo that’s awesome too). With the growth of craft styles, there are now plenty of options to fuel your Mexican lager desire. Salud!