Non-alcoholic beer doesn’t have to taste like water. There’s a new breed of craft breweries creating full-flavored options without the alcohol. WellBeing Brewing Company shows that you can have plenty of flavor, without the hangover.

WellBeing Brewing

Normally, non-alcoholic beers have been made one of two ways. Either they stop fermentation before much alcohol is produced, or they take the fermented beer and heat it, to boil off the alcohol. Both negatively impact the final product, resulting in beer that’s thin, watery, and often has a bad aftertaste. WellBeing Brewing Company takes a different approach to non-alcoholic.

They use technology to put the finished beer into a vacuum and lower the boiling point, to gently remove the alcohol. The finished product maintains the aroma, body, flavor, and mouthfeel you expect in a great beer.

Heavenly Body Golden Wheat

Based on a GABF award-winning recipe, Heavenly Body Golden Wheat has a light sweetness in the nose with a touch of herbal hops.

The body is medium-light, with a nice balance of wheat and a touch of citrus hop character. It’s light, easy drinking, and crisp. The mouthfeel is what you’d expect from a light wheat beer. Not at all thin like some non-alcoholic beers can be. I’d never guess it was non-alcoholic.

No hangover or DUI aren’t the only advantages of non-alcoholic beers. They also pack less calories and sugar than their fully-fueled friends. Heavenly Body Golden Wheat has just 68 calories (compared to the 200+ found in most craft beers) and no sugar. You can consume it post-workout or anytime, without worry.

Hellraiser Dark Amber

This dark amber ale has aromas of toasted golden malt and fruity hops.

From the first sip, you’d never know it’s non-alcoholic. Medium caramel malt with a light toastiness balanced by a great floral hop flavor. A touch of hop spiciness and plenty of fruity hop notes in the aftertaste. It’s really well balanced and easy to drink.

This beer makes you give up nothing to enjoy a delicious amber ale. At only 80 calories, you can have a few.

NA Is More Than OK

Non-alcoholic craft beer just keeps getting better. You no longer have to give up flavor along with the alcohol, as WellBeing Brewing shows with Heavenly Body Golden Wheat and Hellraiser Dark Amber. It’s full-flavored and delicious drinking that doesn’t leave you longing for the missing ingredient.

Order WellBeing Brewing non-alcoholic craft beer on their website now and see what you’re not missing without the alcohol.