Minneapolis City Hall Building

By being open on Sunday March 12th, Jim Surdyk knowingly and willingly violated the law. When told to close, he again chose to disregard the law and remain open. He laughed about it and dared the City of Minneapolis to do something. When they did, he tried to negotiate for a punishment that wasn’t a punishment at all. Luckily the Minneapolis City Council held strong, believing he deserved more than a slap on the wrist. Now is your chance to tell the City Council’s Community Development and Regulatory Services committee to remain strong and give Surdyk a punishment he deserves.

Contact City Council

It only takes a minute to reach out to the City Council’s Community Development and Regulatory Services members but it can make a big difference. Take a second to let them know you want to see strong punishment handed out for such brazen disregard for our laws, those who enforce them, and liquor store owners who followed the law.

Contact Ward 9 – Alondra Cano

Contact Ward 7 – Lisa Goodman

Contact Ward 11 – John Quincy

Contact Ward 3 – Jacob Frey

Contact Ward 6 – Abdi Warsame

Please remember to thank them for standing strong on this issue thus far, and encourage them to remain strong in punishing this shameless act against our law abiding liquor store owners and our laws. Together, we can show Surdyk that his history of heavy-handed tactics against others in the industry aren’t acceptable.

We’re ecstatic that Sunday Sales passed in Minnesota and looking forward to the celebration on that first day of Sunday Sales, July 2nd, with stores that have followed the law and remain great community partners to the cities they reside in. Be sure to give them lots of love when Sundays Sales starts and we’ll show law makers why changing this law was long overdue. Thanks to everyone that supported better liquor laws for Minnesota.