How old were you when you had your first sip of beer?  10?  12?  Did your dad or uncle let you have a sip of their beer once or twice.  How about being 3 years old and being treated for alcoholism? That’s whats happeneing to a kid in the UK.  Seems his parents let him have more than just a sip and over a long period of time, he became addicted.

News stories like this do make you pause to wonder what effect that allowing your kids to taste beer or alcohol at an early age may have one kids.  These days I’ve frequently heard craft beer fans talk about letting their kids taste their beer and how its so important to show them that beer isn’t a bad thing but this seems to point to the contrary.  Also makes you hope that the parents of this child will get a visit from the British equivalent of Child Protective Services.

Lets get this kid together with the smoking 3 year from Indonesia and maybe find a couple meth babies and we should be for the next Fox/MTV reality show.  Throw in this 4th grader that brought cocaine to school too.