Town Hall Brewery Festivus Fire

Every Festivus, Town Hall Brewery celebrates by tapping their Festivus beer, Elves Elixir, and Grinch’s Grog.  They also have a fire outside along with complimentary mulled ale and this year mulled wine too.  The warmer temperatures this year meant even move people hanging out around the fire pit outside.  No several feet of snow like last year or deathly cold temperatures like the year before.

Mulled ale made be heating Town Hall’s Hope & King Scotch Ale along with a mix of spices then a shot of light rum if you like makes for a nice cold weather treat.  This year Pete made up a batch of mulled wine which was equally delicious.  The Festivus Ale, Elves Elixir and Grinch’s Grog were also enjoyed at $2.50 a pint ($1.75 for Pint Club members) from 5-6pm for the releases of these three seasonal brews.  The Grinch’s Grog recipe stays the same each year but the Festivus and Elves Elixir recipes do change each time.

Town Hall Brewery Festivus Outside

Wondering if they had a Festivus pole?  Of course they did.  On the bar the pole was available for airing your grievances throughout the night.  Feats of strength wasn’t encouraged but could happen as the night and the beers went on.

Town Hall Brewery Festivus Pole