Mikkeller is known for their beers and bars all around the world. When in Iceland, check out Mikkeller & Friends in Reykjavík.

A Night At Mikkeller & Friends

The white building that houses Mikkeller & Friends is just a block off the main strip in Reykjavík. It can be a bit hard to find, as there’s just a box marked ‘General Bulletins’ which includes the menus for what’s inside.

Up the small set of stairs and you enter the pizza place and cocktail bar on the second level. The pizza place has no name. DILL Restaurant is also in the building.

Pizza Time

There’s a small bar as you enter, along with a couple small tables. Into the main dining room you’ll find another handful of tables in the candle lit space. It’s not large but nice and intimate.

The decor feels like you’re in the living room of an Icelandic grandmother. It’s welcoming but a bit kitschy.

Their pizza options were creative. You’re bound to find something tasty (provided you’re a normal person who loves pizza).

We ordered a pie and a couple beers, then chatted while we waited for our food. The other guests enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, keeping the conversations to fine dining levels, more so than pizza parlor standards.

The beer list was small but nice. Who cares that it doesn’t offer a ton of choices, you’ll get those when you head upstairs.

Pizzas were tasty but our main mission wasn’t food, so we headed upstairs to Mikkeller & Friends.

The Main Attraction

Mikkeller & Friends features a small bar that seats about seven. There are a couple small tables in the bar area and a few larger groups tables in the room attached to the bar.

It’s a dimly lit space with candles providing most of the light at night. The walls are covered in interesting artwork and the chairs are brightly colored. An attic space that feels cozy, laid back, and intimate. The perfect spot to spend the night with a few great beers and conversation.

Mikkeller locations are known for awesome beer lists and the Reykjavík location is no different. Sadly, during out visit we found 8 of the 20 taps featured Stone Berlin re-brews of nationally available Stone USA beers back home. Their lineup for the week after included was the world’s largest tap takeover of Omnipollo, which would have been much more fun.

Despite the Stone selection, we were able to find plenty of fun offerings to enjoy. More than enough great stuff to keep us interested throughout the night.

In addition to the taps, they offered a small selection of bottles. This included the highly coveted Westy 12, at around $68 per bottle. They sell them frequently to American tourists and told us of a recent visitor who had enjoyed 4 bottles of the brew during his night.

The bar staff were friendly and happy to chat. They showed great knowledge and love for the beer they served, bringing a fun energy to the laid back feel of the bar. They also knew when to step back from a conversation and allow the patrons some personal time with their travel companions.

After a wonderful night out, the stairs up to Mikkeller & Friends bar may become a little challenging for some, but it’s well worth the risk for the fun time you’ll find inside.

Mikkeller & Friends offers one of the best beer selections in Iceland. A welcoming bar, great staff, and tasty pizza downstairs.

No beer lovers trip to Iceland should miss a chance to spend a night at Mikkeller & Friends.

Mikkeller & Friends