Witch Hunt & Tin Whiskers Brewing Witch Bot German-style IPA

Beer collaborations are a great opportunity to push boundaries and explore what beer can become. Witch Hunt, an awesome group that advocates for marginalized genders & queer folx in the brewing industry and provides opportunities for professional development, partnered with Tin Whiskers Brewing in St. Paul to brew Witch Bot, a triple dry-hopped German-style hazy IPA. Here’s more on this killer collaboration.

Witch Bot Triple Dry-Hopped German-Style Hazy IPA

Traditionally, German brews have generally been more malt-rich, than hop-forward. Witch Hunt and Tin Whiskers bucked that trend by creating a crazy triple dry-hopped IPA with a German twist to it. Witch Bot brings together hop haze and hefe.

It pours a brilliant golden haze with a bubbly top of white foam that slowly settles, leaving wispy lacing on the walls of the glass.

The nose filled with big ripe honeydew melon and apricot, with a touch of orange citrus. A dab of banana as it warms, shows it’s hefeweizen roots. Just a touch of dankness in the distance.

Taking a taste, the smooth wheat malt, which imparts the German-style portion of this brew, slides across the tongue, right before you’re hit with huge fruit flavors. Huell Melon, Hallertau Blanc, Callista, & Ariana hops bring big banana, passionfruit, light berry, and white wine flavors. There’s a touch of non-bitter grapefruit and melon on the aftertaste, with a big juicy (but semi-dry) finish. Tons of wonderful fun going on, and more emerges as it warms.

Packed full of so much flavor, this brew isn’t a muddled mess, like so many become. The aroma is awesome, the malt-base big and smooth, and it balances the big hop hits wonderfully. Tons of fruity flavors, but each is distinct enough to be identified and enjoyed. It’s a really crushable collaboration.

Beautifully Bewitched

Big flavor and bold hoppy fruit fun, Witch Hunt and Tin Whiskers Brewing created a delicious collaboration in Witch Bot Triple Dry-Hopped German-Style Hazy IPA. It’s couples the qualities of German hefeweizen with hazy IPA in one beautiful beverage.

Grab a crowler of this kick-ass collaboration at Tin Whiskers Brewing in St. Paul, MN while you can. Learn more about Witch Hunt and the wonderful work they do.