Witch Hunt & Lupulin Brewing Seeds of Change

Witch Hunt continues to create killer collaborations as they crusade to produce professional pathways for marginalized members throughout the craft beer community. Their latest libation with Lupulin Brewing is more than a year in the making. Seeds Of Change blends barrel-aged imperial stout with chili pepper prowess.

Sowing Seeds Of Change

Last winter, the Witch Hunt women headed to Big Lake to brew with the Lupulin Brewing crew. They came up with a big, beautiful, and bold collaboration. Seeds Of Change is imperial stout which was then aged in Vikre Sugarbush Whiskey barrels for over 12 months, with an infusion of Ancho, Guajillo, & Arbol pepper action. The result is nothing short of spectacular stout sensations.

Seeds of Change pours a deep viscous jet black with a foamy dark brown head atop, which quickly dissipates. No lacing here, as it’s far too rich and oily for any of that nonsense.

Nose in and you’re met with rich roasted malt mingled with semi-sweet chocolate, a touch of mellow whiskey, and just a hint of burnt malt on the end.

Sip and allow the silky smoothness to slide across the tongue. Big roasted malt marches in with a touch of oak and sweet whiskey. Rich milk chocolate melts in your mouth, as tingles of cocoa dance with a delightfully fine fizz of carbonation. Peppers make their appearance midway through, with a delightful heat that brings a warmth to the back of the tongue, as it makes its way down your throat. The heat hangs around as this oily imperial stout continues to coat your inner cheeks. The 12% ABV is certainly present in the body and stature of this slick stout, though the burn is much more chili-imparted than a potent propellant product.

Chilis For Change

These wonderful Witch Hunt collaborations continue to offer an awesome array of beers made with the best brewers around the state while continuing to raise proceeds to support ongoing efforts to educate and advocate. Witch Hunt and Lupulin created a warming piece of witchcraft, sure to put a spell on the craft beer imbiber.

Head to Lupulin Brewing next Friday, February 19th to be bespelled by this big barrel-aged beauty. Meet the Witch Hunt crew, enjoy Seeds of Change on tap and grab these beautiful bottles to take home. Support the amazing efforts they’re making to create a more welcoming and diverse industry that benefits every beer drinker.

Witch Hunt & Lupulin Brewing Seeds Of Change and Vikre Sugarbush Whiskey