Urban Growler Brewing Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale

With any beer addition, balance is key. They can overpower or underwhelm. Too much or too little, it’s all about striking the right balance to really let them shine. Urban Growler Brewing Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale brilliantly balances vanilla bean and coffee in a light and delicate blonde ale.

Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale

Lighter beers leave less room to hide flaws. When you have a big imperial stout, some extra hops, heavier addition of fruit, or coffee isn’t going to kill it. But with more delicate creations, even a couple extra ounces can be the difference between delight and drain pour. Urban Growler does a fantastic job of finding that line with Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale.

Pours a clear golden straw with a bubbly head of white atop. The foam settles fairly quickly and leaves just a bit of lacing on the walls of the snifter.

Inhale and take in the brilliant golden malt sweetness in the nose. Fresh vanilla bean invades the nostrils and there’s a touch of fruitiness too. A hint of coffee rounds it out (without the bitter coffee bite).

Sip in the super smooth and bright golden malt body. It’s slightly sweet and filled with tons of vanilla bean. Fruity and creamy, it’s light bodied and easy drinking, despite packing a ton of tasty flavor. There’s a wonderful note of coffee in the end that plays with the vanilla and sweetness nicely. The sweetness dries a bit in the end, leaving a lingering note of fresh vanilla on the tongue and just a hint of coffee. Velvety vanilla and creamy coffee are a killer combo.

Latte Time, Any Time

Though coffee beers tend to be darker brews like brown ales, porters, and stouts, the beans work brilliantly with lighter bodied styles too, showcasing less aggressive coffee additions and letting lighter coffee characteristics come through. Paired with vanilla bean, Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale balances two delicious tastes atop a light bodied brew, without overpowering.

Grab some Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale from Urban Growler Brewing and enjoy its wonderful bean balance.