Tyranena Devil Made Me Do It

Tyranena Brewing Company out of Lake Mills, Wisconsin offers a wonderful lineup of great beers with offerings for everyone.  While their regular lineup of year-round and seasonal brews has something for everyone, their Brewers Gone Wild series brings with it many special treats for the craft beer fan.  One of the offerings that has returned several times in the past few years is the Brewers Gone Wild The Devil Made Me Do It, a coffee imperial oatmeal porter.

Over the years, Tyranena has made a name for itself with it’s porters and this one blends a mix of a big porter with roasty coffee and the silky oats.  Light chocolate and coffee in the aroma with a nice roastiness rounding things out.  The Devil Made Me Do It is smooth and lightly creamy from the oatmeal up front with notes of warm chocolate and a nice coffee note in the aftertaste.

The Brewers Gone Wild series showcases the wonderful talents at Tyranena and offers some special treats for beer drinkers.  The offerings rotate and change and are only available for a limited time so get them while you can as they may or may not ever return again.  The Devil Made Me Do It is available now and one you’ll want to get your hands on while you can.  Grab a 4-pack or two now and don’t worry about what the significant other says about it.  If they ask, tell them the devil made you do it.

Devil Made Me Do It Close Up