Town Hall Brewery Wee Jack

Town Hall Brewery’s Barrel Aged Beer Week 2012 continued last night with the tapping of Wee Jack, a Scottish wee heavy aged in Jack Daniels barrels.  Wonderful notes of Tennessee whiskey mingle with the big malty profile of the wee heavy.  Monday’s camera crew from local ABC news station KSTP were replaced by the film crew from Beer Geeks TV.

This year Town Hall has begun bottling the Barrel Aged Beer Week brews in 750ml bottles rather than growlers.  These bottles should cellar nicely for those that choose to save their barrel aged goodies rather than enjoying them now.

Be sure to drop in tonight as Barrel Aged Beer Week continues with everyone’s favorite Jim Beam barrel aged barleywine, Twisted Jim.  There may even be some Wee Heavy still on and possibly Buffalo Bock from Monday (it was still on Tuesday night and they have 2 kegs of each brew).

Town Hall Brewery Wee Jack Bottle