Snifter glass of Town Hall Brewery Six Hour Tour sitting on a bar.

For many years Three Hour Tour coconut milk stout has been a Town Hall Brewery favorite. In recent years, they’ve amped it up to a double milk stout, aged in bourbon barrels and hit with even more coconut action. Six Hour Tour has grown better each year and the 2021 release for their 24th anniversary week is the best yet.

Six Hour Tour 2021

It’s a challenge to dial in a brew when you only have an opportunity to make it once a year but Town Hall Brewery has certainly done that here. Six Hour Tour has grown from oh, to yo, to whoa with each successive yearly release.

Deep black with a head of medium-brown frothy foam, the bubbles soon settle but a ring remains around the edge of the glass long after.

The aroma is filled with huge milk chocolate and toasted coconut creaminess. There’s a wonderful bit of bourbon, a touch of oak, distant light caramel, and barrel hints. There’s just a tiny note that hints at the ABV as it warms.

Huge chocolate malt rolls across the tongue and coats it with smooth milk chocolate and toasted coconut. While the milk chocolate starts strong, it quickly gives way to the coconut as the flavor unfolds on the tastebuds.

Big but beautifully balances, it’s sweet but then dries wonderfully in the end. Flavors of bourbon and oak make themselves apparent as we head to the aftertaste, where just a hint of the 9.1% ABV makes itself known.

Tasty Tour

Anniversary Week is always an awesome time at Town Hall Brewery (any time is awesome but this week is even better). With the release of their Anniversary Ale, Blackberry Gold, and Six Hour Tour, there are tons to love. To make 24 even more special, they released their first mixed culture beer, Mixed Culture Brett IPA and it’s brilliant.

Head into Town Hall Brewery for a Six Hour Tour and be sure to try all the amazing beers they have to offer. Cheers to 24 years!

Glass of Six Hour Tour sitting on the bar at Town Hall Brewery.