Town Hall Brewery Red Sterling Lager

Lagers are still a style that many craft beer fans don’t seem to appreciate. The problem is that they seem to have preconceived notions of what lagers are and believe they can’t be the flavorful brews they love. Town Hall Brewery has been pumping out fantastic lagers in the last several years and they’re just what people need to turn them on to the great things a lager can be. Their newest is the Red Sterling Lager.

The Town Hall Brewery Red Sterling lager combines Munich and European Pilsner malts to create a brilliant deep amber colored brew plus a bit of crystal and wheat malts to round things out. This makes for a great warm malty aroma and body. Plenty of Noble hops in this brew please even the hopheads in the crowd with a great aroma and bite in the flavor. The brew is balanced nicely and drinkable for glass after glass. Weighing in at 6.6% alcohol by volume, it’s plenty drinkable and won’t do you in after just a glass or two.

Winter seasonal beers at Town Hall go quick and plenty of the regulars and staff are really enjoying this one. Make time to get down to the brewery and grab a couple pints and possibly a growler while it’s still around. As much as I hope it sticks around for a while and comes back again soon, there is no guarantee. Grab a pint of Red Sterling Lager while you can.

Town Hall Brewery Red Sterling Lager Top