Town Hall Brewery Publican Porter

Anniversary Week at Town Hall Brewery brings a new beer tapping each night. This nights brew was the Publican Porter. The Publican Porter is special as it is the first beer formulated and brewed by Town Hall Brewery owner, Pete Rifakes. It’s strange but true that in 15 years in business, Pete hasn’t brewed more (as I’m sure many of us would be all over the chance to brew our own beer at our own establishment). Then again maybe it’s best that he leaves things to the pros as the breweries multiple GABF medals can attest (that isn’t to say that this brew wasn’t a tasty one, it really is).

This brew has a nice medium body with a bit full aroma and flavor. Nice light chocolate and slight coffee roast. Easy drinking enough that I was able to put several away from following Saturday during Free Beer Hour.

The Anniversary Week beers are going quick. Publican Porter is still on but you’ll have to hurry if you want to enjoy a pint or two of Pete’s porter. Get into Town Hall Brewery as soon as you can. Checkout the other Anniversary Week brews if they’re still on tap too.