Town Hall Brewery Pint Club Ale

They really do single hopped pale ales right at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery.  This one, the Pint Club Ale, is a made using Amarillo hops.  These hops impart a ton of citrus aroma and flavor in this beer and really shine through nicely with just enough malt to stand up to them but also let them be the star.  Amarillo hops have been difficult to get in the past couple years so it’s exciting to see them back and the availability improving for brewers.  This one weighed in at 4.8% ABV so it drinks nicely pint after pint.  While there are plenty of hops in this brew, they don’t overpower and one could session this drink for an evening without burning out their tastebuds.

The introduction of Pint Club Ales is something new for Town Hall Pint Club members.  The Pint Club Ale will be available from time to time and always be $3 a pint and $7.50 a growler (refill price) for Pint Club members.  No waiting for happy hour or other promos to get a discount on this beer.  A delicious pint for just $3 all the time until the beer is gone.  The beer itself may or may not change batch to batch.  Pretty cool deal that makes the already awesome Pint Club membership even better.

With the Pint Club Ale being discounted to Pint Club members and available to everyone else too, it’ll go quickly.  A tasty single hopped brew to kickoff this new deal for members is sure to please.  While in last night I enjoyed several pints of this beer and other Pint Club members did the same.  Staff seemed to really enjoy it too.  A good sign that it will likely go quick.  Time for you to get in there and grab a couple pints and possibly a growler, while you can.