Town Hall Brewery Orange Drop IPA

In a world filled with beers stuffed-full of fruit puree, fruit juice, and whole fruit, we may forget that hops can impart big fruit flavors and don’t need to be hazy to do it. Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery Orange Drop IPA packs tons of fruit from it’s hop highlights.

Orange Drop IPA

Town Hall Brewery is one of the few Twin Cities brewers that hasn’t hopped on the haze craze train. They continue to crank out killer IPAs that highlight hops, while remaining beautifully clear. Orange Drop IPA is that latest fruit-forward IPA on offer. Here’s what this wondrous hop bomb is all about.

Pouring a clear and rich golden copper, there’s a wonderful citrus aroma, with big notes of sweet orange and a hint of lemon on the nose, with just a touch of pine.

As with all Town Hall beers, the Orange Drop IPA is brilliantly balanced. A solid medium malt backbone imparts a light caramel note upfront and a touch of dry sweetness in the aftertaste.

Just past the malt is the star of the show. Sweet orange blossom abounds, rather than bitter orange peel found more commonly. Smooth vanilla cream in the finish and a nice dryness, while sweet orange and a hint of marmalade rides out aftertaste.

Full of flavor, beautifully balanced, and easy drinking, this IPA is a wonderfully full of fruity character and doesn’t need to hop on any bandwagons to do so. It’s delicious drinking.

Fruit-Forward Hop Hit

For over 20 years, Town Hall Brewery has been cranking out some of the best beers out there. They’ve been awarded more GABF medals than any other Minnesota brewer and their ongoing lineup of lovely brews continues to offer something for everyone.

Grab the Orange Drop IPA and try all of the other awesome offerings they have on now. Here’s to awesome beers.