Glass of Town Hall Brewery Mixed Culture Brett IPA sitting on a wood bar.

Over the past 24 years, Town Hall Brewery has been a leader in the Minnesota beer scene. They’ve created so many beautiful brews, it really is amazing. And now for the first time, they’re exploring the wild side with Mixed Culture Brett IPA. Here’s a look at the newest offering in their wood-aged traditions.

Mixed Culture Brett IPA

Town Hall Brewery takes its time and never releases a beer when it’s not ready to be enjoyed. They really do wait for the barrels to let them know when they’re ready and that’s certainly true in this case. 4 years in the making, this beer is a blend of 1 and 3 year old mixed fermentation.

It pours a hazy golden-yellow with a small foamy white head. The foam settles and leaves a ring of white around the edge of the glass.

Funk at the forefront and then fruity hops take over, mingling with big melon, pineapple, white peach, lemon, a touch of tropical fruit, and a bit of acidity in the end.

The IPA aspect comes through wonderfully, with initial flavors of melon, lemon, and a dab of ripe pineapple. Smooth, medium body upfront, there’s a nice bubble of carbonation on the tongue, which then brings notes of light funk and mild acidity at the end. There’s also a light bit of oak that lingers on the tongue after each taste.

Marvelous Mixture

In 24 years, Town Hall Brewery has helped define the Minnesota and national craft beer scene. Their Czar Jack won a GABF Gold Medal back before the barrel-aged category even existed (it was entered in the Experimental category at the time). Their Masala Mama IPA spent more than 5 years as the #1 rated American IPA on the two largest beer rating sites at the time. They’ve won more GABF medals than any other brewery in the state.

And while they’ve helped to drive Minnesota Beer forward, they haven’t been one to jump on every new trend. It took a couple of years before they made their first hazy IPA and we can hope the day they make a smoothie beer is still far far away. But when they dive in, they do it right. None of the messy misses and unimpressive offerings seen from many brewers trying to capitalize on a trend.

The Mixed Culture Brett IPA is their first foray into mixed culture and sour beers. And it’s deliciously done. A beautiful blend of barrel-aged mixed culture with fruity hops and a hint of funk.

Get into Town Hall Brewery now to celebrate 24 years of fantastic beers with the Mixed Culture Brett IPA and numerous other amazing offerings.