A bit over a year ago, Town Hall Brewery started featuring a Drink Of The Month.  Each month, one of their bartenders was given the chance to create their own signature drink.  Many of them were seasonal like Irish Cream, pumpkin pie martini, or the current eggnog.  One that beer lovers were intrigued by was the Hop Tonic.  The first batch of hop-infused vodka was made using Cascase hops.  While one could have it served up straight, most opted to have it served as a hop vodka tonic.

The hops imparted a nice herbal hop flavor on the vodka.  I’m not usually a hard liquor guy but this was nice and refreshing.  I’d definitely have another.  It’s always interesting to see hops used in stuff other than beer such as this tonic or hard candy made with hops.

While most of us love craft beer, some of our friends and family prefer something else.  With the seasonally changing drinks of the month, Town Hall now has even more options for those that choose not to enjoy their great brews (or maybe you just need a break between beers).  Checkout their current Drink Of The Month and enjoy some great good and brews to go with it.