Town Hall Brewery Flight Of The Falcon

Town Hall Brewery is known for their awesome single hopped pale ales.  Wonderful brews made to showcase the aroma and flavor of a single hop variety that feature a light malt body to allow the chosen hop to really shine through.  Flight Of The Falcon is a “single” hop pale in a sense in that it’s made with a blend of US hops that result in an amazing Northwest hop aroma and flavor.  It’s got a richer malt backbone than most of their single hopped pales and comes across as almost more of an IPA.  The malt does a wonderful job supporting the huge, super juicy hop aroma and flavors in this brew.  Tons of citrus as if you’d just freshly squeezed them into your glass then down your gullet.

During the Great Hop Shortage some of the Pacific Northwest growers created a hop blend for the growing number of brewers and consumers.  This hop blend was ideal for IPAs.  Think blending whiskey to keep a consistant flavor profile.  The name of the blend is Falconers Flight.  The name of the beer is Flight of the Falcon.

The Flight of the Falcon weighs in at 6.1% ABV and drinks wonderfully, as I can attest, in the hot summer sun on the Town Hall patio.  The only downside to this brew is that like the summer, it didn’t last long.  We can only hope is makes a comeback at some point soon (although don’t count on me not drinking it all before you have a chance).