Town Hall Brewery Crimson Oat

While it seems that most tend towards the lighter and crisper brews in the summer heat, no rx a nice amber ale goes great with the heat too.  Town Hall Brewery Crimson Oat is a tasty American Amber Ale that packs plenty of rich caramel aroma and flavor into an easy drinking brew that goes down easy.  This beer is brewed with a good high percentage of oats that add an extra smooth and creamy texture to the mouthfeel.  With the ABV weighing in at 6%, health one can enjoy a couple pints without wrecking their palate or BAC and enjoy the summer weather on the patio or in the air conditioned confines of the brewery.

There are great seasonal offerings running a large range of styles on tap right now down at Town Hall Brewery in addition to their normal favorites like Masala Mama IPA and Hope & King Scotch Ale.  Brews like the Grand Cru, MPLS, Belgian White, infusions and cask offerings all looking to satisfy your craving and thirst.  Get in there soon before these seasonals move on along with the summer season.