Town Hall Brewery Classic American Pilsner

With the hot summer weather here, it’s a great time for something crisp and refreshing to drink out on the patio.  Perfect for this time of year, Town Hall Brewery brewed up the Classic American Pilsner.  It’s a crisp, balanced American-style lager designed and co-brewed by Kyle Sisco.  This beer was the winner of the Homebrew Best of Show at last year’s MN Craft Beer Week event with the winner getting to brew a full batch at Town Hall.  It weighs in at 5.6% ABV and is the first beer that head brewer Mike Hoops has ever made using corn.  It turned out great.  Plenty of flavor to savor and very drinkable and crisp to ward off the summer heat.

I’m sure it won’t last too long with the heat we’ve been having lately so I definitely recommend you get down there and enjoy a couple pints on the patio while it lasts.  It’s a great beer to show people that say they don’t like lager, that an American pilsner can be easy drinking without being void of flavor like a Budweiser.  Grab yourself a couple pints of Town Hall Classic American Pilsner and enjoy what the summer in Minnesota has to offer.