Town Hall Brewery Belgian White

In the summer heat we’ve been having lately, a refreshing brew is always welcome to cool things a bit.  Theres no finer place in the city of Minneapolis to sit with friends and enjoy several pints than the patio at Town Hall Brewery.  Enjoy the fresh air (even if it is in the 90ºs) and great conversation with others while watching summer pass and turn to fall.  A nice wheat beer always hits the spot and the Belgian White on tap now is a great one.  This brew is the traditional Belgian wheat style that made the city of Hoegaarden famous.  It’s been brewed with a blend of spices including coriander and orange peel and weighs in at 6.1% ABV. Wonderfully drinkable in the summer heat, this beer has a nice body and the spices are well balanced so they don’t overpower in the finish.

While August has begun, and with it the hot and humid weather that drives most inside, stop by Town Hall and enjoy a couple pints of this brew and others in the heat on the patio.  It may be hot now but you’ll regret not enjoying the warmth more when winter comes in just a few short months.