Three cans of TINT THC Seltzer from Modist Brewing. One of Blackberry Lime, one of Mango Passionfruit, and one of Pineapple Raspberry Maximum TINT.

With the legalization of controlled amounts of hemp-derived THC in Minnesota and few rules around who can sell it and where local breweries have jumped at the chance to diversify their product lines. With numerous new THC-infused seltzers hitting the market, some of the very best are coming out of Modist Brewing. Here’s a look at their TINT and MELT lineup.

TINT and MELT THC Seltzer

Though legalized just last year, the number of options for THC seltzers has quickly grown. Even with many breweries entering this new market, it’s been great to see little overlap in flavors amongst offerings.

While most breweries have offered a single-strength across their THC seltzers, it’s great that Modist has chosen to give people more options in terms of dosage. With THC being a new experience for many, having the ability to start small and find the right dosage for the desired effects is great.

The TINT lineup features 3 flavors. Blackberry Lime and Mango Passionfruit both contain 3mg of THC, while TINT MAXIMUM in pineapple raspberry packs 5mg. Each drink is delightfully light, with a subtle flavor that’s natural tasting, and has just a hint of dank flavor.

The MELT seltzers from Modist Brewing really turn things up, offering a full 10mg per can. Offered in Ginger Lemon Lime and Blood Orange Raspberry Vanilla, they pack a bit more flavor than the TINT options, along with a far stronger hit of THC.

In addition to the TINT and MELT series, Modist has also offered HEAVY, an orange sunshine-flavored option with 5mg of THC and 25mg of CBD in collaboration with HEAVY Clothing.

Folks looking for an alternative to the buzz of a beer may not want to be weighted down with the heavy feeling many experience from some beer. The Modist seltzer lineup generally has just 1g of net carbs, making this drink keto-friendly. With just 10-20 calories per can, you can save the calorie consumption for the munchies.

MELTing You TINTed Shades

The growth of THC beverage options in Minnesota has been great. In a short time, the market has filled with numerous choices for consumers looking for something to complement or as an alternative to their beer buzz. Modist has a great range of seltzer options spiced up with a hit of THC.

Grab some cans of TINT and MELT THC seltzer at the Modist Brewing taproom or find them at your local bar and other stores around town.

Two cans of MELT THC Seltzer from Modist Brewing laying next to each other on a wood table.