Surly Smoke 2009

This was the first year Surly’s smoked baltic porter aptly named Smoke was bottled.  Some craft fans think all lagers are boring yellow water while many fail to realize that many baltic porters are made with lager yeast and if made with ale yeast are cold fermented.  It’s time to give up those old views on what a lager is and explore the many wonderful lagers out there.  I’m sure you’ll find plenty to like about the lesser traveled brew type.

I didn’t end up buying any of the 2010 release, although I did drink quite a bit of it on tap, because I still have plenty of the 2009 Surly Smoke in the cellar.  I’ve also enjoyed quite a bit of Smoke 2011 with my frequent lunches and brunches at Cafe Twenty-Eight before it’s closing at the end of 2011.