Surly Doomtree

Craft beer is no stranger to collaboration. Frequently we see brewers help each other out and work together to bring us amazing brews that benefit from their collective knowledge. Collaborations aren’t just for brewer teams anymore. We’ve seen a number of great brewer and musician brews. If one was to pick pairing of Minnesota brewer and Minnesota-made musicians, the pairing of Surly Brewing and Doomtree would be the perfect mix. With Surly Doomtree beer, that’s just what happened.

Surly and Doomtree may produce different products but their crafts were both born from similar places. Garage or basement, both have created their own unique offering and not let others define what they are. They’ve charted their own paths and created wild followings along the way. The same unique perspective shown in everything these two do is reflected in this beer. Like Doomtree music, this beer begins with an established base and then puts it’s own spin on things. Start with an English-style bitter, make it a bit darker with a touch of roast and a great toasty aroma. A subtle spice of hops in the aroma and the aftertaste thanks to dry-hopping, this beer is as unique as the music and brews both create.  At 5.7% ABV, this brew can be taken enjoyed in session much like any Doomtree disc. While it was first tapped to celebrate The Last Doomtree Blowout Ever, look for cans to hit shelves soon. Just because the Blowouts are over doesn’t mean Doomtree or this beer are coming to an end by any means.

Collaborations bring the best of both to the final product. With Doomtree beer, both Surly and the band have imparted their own uniqueness on a brew, which like the music, will be enjoyed by many. Seek out this Minnesota original and take part in the great things both parties have created. Remember, it’s all hands, no kings.

Surly Doomtree Coaster