Surly Brewing Overrated IPA

Of all of the styles of IPA out there, West Coast IPAs seem to be the biggest hit with hopheads across the US.  They offer the big punch that hop lovers crave and they were made famous by the big west coast breweries we all know and love.  So what happens when a midwest brewery jumps onboard the west coast bandwagon?  Surly Brewing Overrated! IPA brings that west coast flavor to midwest drinkers.

Surly Brewing has long been known for making beers that craftbeer drinkers go crazy for and they make plenty of big hoppy brewers like Furious and Darkness.  Now they’ve added another beer to their seasonal offering with Overrated! West Coast IPA.  Since some have accused Surly of making gimmicky beers and being a one-trick pony, Surly embraced their sentiments and made a straight forward west coast brew.  Columbus, Centennial, Cascade, and El Dorado hops all come together to make a great hoppy brew that weighs in at 7.3% ABV.  Wonderful fruity aroma and flavor, this IPA is has what hopheads look for.  69 IBUs of hop and malt balance in a easy drinking brew that you can enjoy any time.

Overrated or not, Surly continues to create awesome beers that craft beer drinkers love to enjoy.  Be it smokey baltic porters or this latest canned offering, Overrated! West Coast IPA.  Lets be real with ourselves and admit that if they were truly overrated as some claim, there wouldn’t be this much demand and the crazy continued annual growth for the brewery that is currently building a $20 million brewery in an attempt to meet the demand for their awesome brews.  Grab a couple 4-packs of Overrated IPA at a Minnesota liquor store or bar and see why it’s much more than hype going into your glass of Surly.

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