Snifter glass of Surly Brewing beer sitting on a picnic table in the Surly tap hall beer garden.

Summer is here and it’s time to get out and drink beer outside. Surly Brewing recently reopened their beer hall and their beer garden is the perfect place to enjoy a pint. Neon Horizon is sunny hazy IPA action available only in the taproom.

Neon Horizon

Enjoying suds in the sunshine is a summertime tradition. The fruity flavors of hazy IPA are a perfect pairing with the summer heat.

Neon Horizon is hopped with Sabro, Chinook, Mosaic, Sterling, & Eureka hops.

It pours a deep golden yellow with a frothy head of tight white bubbles. The foam settles some as time goes on and thickly coats the walls of the snifter.

Dank all up in the nostrils as you inhale this one. There’s a touch of tropical fruit in the distance but that dankness really crushes everything else.

Smooth malty sweetness is balanced with a bit of stone fruit and then, as in the aroma, dank hops hit in a delicious way.

Herb notes last into the aftertaste, as if you’d chewed a fresh bud. They even reappear in your burps.

Look Towards The Horizon

There are few finer feelings than enjoying a beer in the sunshine. Now is the time to get out and create this perfect pairing. A beer garden or outdoor bar are highly recommended, but parks, boats, and anywhere else in the great outdoors will most certainly do.

Pop into the Surly Brewing beer hall and put back a couple pints in their beer garden. Neon Horizon is sure to add some delicious dankness to a day in the sun.