Can of Surly Brewing Grindcore Espresso Milk Stout next to a small glass of dark beer.

If you want to be hardcore and stay up all night partying, you’ll need some pick-me-up juice. For most, that’s coffee. Amp that up with some espresso. But in beer form? Surly Brewing Grindcore coffee espresso stout is the bug-eyed beverage you need.

Hardcore Grindcore

Surly was one of the early ones to offer a coffee beer, with Coffee Bender premiering at the City Pages Beer Fest on Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis back in 2008. Certainly, remember the first taste of that brew and it quickly became a hit. Into cans, it went, with their Guatemalan-sourced coffee from Coffee & Tea, LTD. While not quite the same style of beer, Grindcore is similar to Coffee Bender and then turned up a couple of times.

Jet-black liquid fills the glass and frothy brown foam forms on top. The bubbles burst over time and leave just a little lace near the liquid limit.

Fresh espresso overpowers everything here when it comes to aroma. Recently roasted and brutalized beans are all you inhale. It’s even more aromatic than an actual glass of espresso.

Smooth roasted malt slides across the tongue with a hint of burnt malt in the action. The flavor is HUGE but the body is medium and doesn’t overpower nearly as much as the fresh espresso flavor upstages. While there’s some sweetness in the middle, things quickly dry and there’s just a touch of coffee bitterness on the end of the aftertaste. The milk sugar gives it all a nice creamy mouthfeel, like cream with your coffee combo.

Grind On

Wanna know what your body loves? When you mix a stimulant (caffeine) with a depressant (alcohol). That’s why the Jägerbomb makes such an impact. Coffee beers are the craft beer equivalent but Grindcore makes that flavor fun without the bitter beer face afterward.

Grab some Grindcore in the latest Surly Brewing sampler and sip on this huge coffee-kicked brew.