Surly Brewing +1 Golden Ale

For more than 45 years, First Avenue has played a headlining role in the Minneapolis music scene. Since 2005, Surly Brewing has been a star of the Minnesota brewing scene. It only seems right that these two icons came together to create +1 Golden Ale, a beer that tastes better loud.

+1 Golden Ale

Music and beer go hand in hand. Surly Brewing and First Avenue collaborated to create a beer that goes great at any show, no matter who’s playing.

When you’re drinking at the venue, you want something that’s flavorful but will also let you make it until the encore. This beer has a subtle hop flavor with low bitterness, easy going malt body, and low enough ABV (5.1%) to let you rock all night. It won’t melt your face, even if the music does. Indoors or out, winter or summer, it’s a style that drinks easily and offers just the right balance of flavor, while not overdoing it if you crush more than a few.

These awesome looking cans sport the same black with white lettering that the outside of the iconic First Avenue building does. But just like the building, while the outside looks great, it’s what’s playing inside that you came for.

Grab A +1

When you head to hear a favorite band, you want to drink something that’s awesome and goes all night, just like the music. Grab a Surly Brewing +1 Golden Ale and raise it high, as you hope the night doesn’t end. It’s easy drinking, no matter what style of music you pair it with.

Now you’ll be asking the bartender (in addition to the door guy), “Can I get a +1 please?” And remember, this one tastes better loud.

Surly Brewing +1 Close Up