Stone Brewing Coffee Milk Stout

Any craft beer fan that doesn’t know Stone isn’t really a craft beer fan.  This brewery is known for their love of hops, their all-star lineup with brews like Ruination and Arrogant Bastard, and their attitude.  Following the recent announcement that they’ll become the first US craft brewer to break ground with a European brewery, Stone is releasing a new seasonal brew for the summer and fall.  Stone Brewing Coffee Milk Stout was a hit with the Stone Team and now it’ll be available to all when it ships out to bars and retailers this week.

Stone Coffee Milk Stout pours a jet black with a dark brown head that’s thick at first but then dissipates fairly quickly leaving no sign of lacing on the walls of the glass.  Dark roasted malt is king here with a nice coffee aroma with just a faint hint of smoke in the distance.  While weighing in at 4.2% ABV, this beer certainly isn’t thin.  Plenty of dark malt up front mingles with coffee from Ryan Bros Coffee in San Diego.  The addition of milk sugar adds a nice creaminess and there’s light hints of cocoa and licorice.  While this brew packs plenty of flavor, it’s also fairly light bodied, making is easy to drink.  It drinks nice and smooth with a light carbonation and a fairly dry finish.

After enjoying this beer, it’s easy to see why it was a hit with the Stone Team.  It’s a great addition to their already awesome lineup.  A great brew for breakfast or any time, you can look for it in 6-packs and on tap in Stone markets nationwide starting this week.  Be sure to seek it out and also, let everyone know what you’re enjoying it with by using the hashtag #PairedWith when sharing.  Sorry to those that are lactose intolerance as Stone Coffee Milk Stout is a tasty craft brew that they’ll sadly miss.

Stone Coffee Milk Stout Top