Can of Sierra Nevada Brewing Celebration Fresh Hop IPA next to a glass of beer, surrounded by hops.

The most wonderful time of the year has come. The leaves are changing, hop harvest has just happened, and Sierra Nevada Brewing Celebration Fresh Hop IPA has arrived! Here’s a look at its new look.

Celebration Fresh Hop IPA

Sierra Nevada has been brewing Celebration for 40 years, as an annual celebration of success and the season. This fresh hopped IPA is packed with hand-selected Cascade and Centennial hops, added to the kettle as soon as they’re harvested from the bine. It may have been the very first West Coast IPA and certainly is an excellent example of the style.

New this year, Celebration is now in cans. We’ve enjoyed countless years of holding bottles of this brew from fall into winter, but the change to cans is a welcome one. Not only are they more environmentally friendly but they’ll also keep this fresh hopped beer even fresher.

Celebration Sensations

It pours a deep reddish-copper, clear and beautiful, with a thick white head of foam forming on top. With time the foam settles and leaves sticky lacing clinging to the walls of the snifter, along with a small layer atop the brew.

There’s a bit of sweet caramel but it’s quickly overcome by the huge hop presence here. Fresh sticky pine, berry, and dank hops hit huge. It’s wonderful to sit and sniff.

Rich warm malt fills the mouth with flavors of caramel and light toffee, along with a medium body. It’s a touch chewy and balances the big hops here beautifully.

Fresh piney hops come through with sticky resin, fruity notes, and a bitter bite. The resinous flavor stays on and there are notes of berry and a touch of sweet malt in the aftertaste.

Celebration Season

Some get upset seeing Celebration now because they associate it with the winter season. But remember that this is a fresh hopped IPA. It’s best enjoyed as soon as the hops are harvested (which has happened across the country at this point).

Sierra Nevada Brewing Celebration Fresh Hop IPA hits stores now and you’ll want to enjoy it as fresh as possible. It’s absolutely delicious drinking. Grab some and celebrate.

Two cans of beer and a coffee mug full of hops sitting in a pile of leaves.