Taking from their experience of over 150 years in business, the Schell’s Stag Series offers the drinker great experimental brews that are sadly only for a limited time.  As the third offering in the series, Schell’s Stag Series No. 3 is a Rauchbier with plenty of smokey flavor and aroma that goes well with smoked meats and cheeses.  I enjoyed a couple 6-packs of it with everything from smoked fish to a collection of cheeses and it paired wonderfully with all of them.  The smokey flavor and aroma bring you back to Bockfest and makes one crave a hearty meal to go with this hearty beer.  The Stage Series continues to impress with great offerings and many interesting takes of styles that many sadly give little thought to much of the time.  As they continue, we look forward to see what Schell’s comes up with next.