Portage Brewing Coffeecake Blonde Ale

They’re back and we’re so excited. Portage Brewing Company has reopened after fire shut them down, but they’ve rebuilt and are better than ever. Recently they dropped some crowlers in the Twin Cities and they’re tasting great. Coffeecake Blonde Ale was one of the deliveries, and here’s what it’s like.

Coffeecake Blonde Ale

Coffee isn’t just for drinking in the morning and beer isn’t just for the afternoon. We see that with plenty of coffee beers, but they tend to be darker brews. Just because they’re not typically paired with lighter ales and lagers doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. In fact, Portage Brewing Coffeecake Blonde Ale shows it works wonderfully.

This brew pours a beautifully clear deep golden color, with a small head of bubbly white foam. It settles fairly quickly, but leaves a layer of tiny white bubbles covering the top of the beer as you imbibe.

Wonderful aroma of rich coffee, without a touch of bitterness. Just past the coffee kick, there’s a bit of caramel and cream.

Take a taste and you’re greeted with bright golden malt goodness, a nice warm medium body, and a touch of sweet caramel. It’s filled with big coffee flavor but again is absent the bitterness. Light creamy vanilla notes into the aftertaste. It’s deliciously drinkable. Easy but full of flavor, this the perfect morning perk-you-up.

Breakfast Beer

Coffee isn’t just for breakfast and it’s not just for dark beers either. Portage Brewing shows that with their transformation of coffeecake in a glass. It’s full of flavor without being heavy (much like coffeecake) and delightful to drink any time.

Cop a crowler and enjoy Portage Brewing Coffeecake Blonde Ale with any meal or on it’s own. I’ll take a refill, please.