O'so Brewing Twerkin' For The Weekend

Looking forward to the weekends is how many of us get through our days. It’s a focus during weekdays, and the dream begins again as soon as Monday starts. Make any day a bit better with O’so Brewing Twerkin’ For The Weekend milkshake-style IPA.

Twerkin’ For The Weekend

The weekend is here! Well, at least in your beer. O’so Brewing has created a smoothie IPA, packed with fruit flavors. Twerkin’ For The Weekend is great for getting your mind off the work week, anytime.

It pours a peachy golden with a frothy head of slightly off-white bubbles that settle fairly quickly. Hazy as a milkshake should be.

Pleasant aroma of peaches and creamy vanilla, with a touch of apricot in the end of the nose. A touch of tartness is apartment in the aroma too.

Take a taste and you’re greeted with tons of rich creamy vanilla bean. Smooth milk sugar adds to the creaminess of the body, and a good dose of pleasant peach comes in towards the end. It’s a delightful dance that combines all the tastes we expect in a milkshake, in beer-form. Amarillo, Mosaic, and Calypso in a double dry-hopped dose give a touch of tropical fruitiness that shines through just a bit in the big vanilla and peach additions.

Here’s To A Wonderful Weekend

Weekends are great, but you can’t live your life looking forward to just 28% of your time. Enjoy any day and pop an O’so Brewing Twerkin’ For The Weekend milkshake IPA. It’s a delicious drink that hits the fruit and smoothie IPA button hard. Wonderful vanilla bean with peach fruit and double dry-hopped action for background fruit flavors too.

Grab this milkshake IPA and bring to the boys to the yard anytime (weekends included). O’so Brewing Twerkin’ For The Weekend is a great brew that’ll get us through.